Logro del día: Ver Las Meninas en personal y Chocolate con Churros por San Gines. ¡Muchísimas gracias por hoy, Yna! #blessed #foodporn #foodstagram #madrid #travel (at La Huerta de Tudela Green & More)

The Thai interlude a.k.a. shopping spree during the 8-hour layover to Madrid. Truly a shopper’s and foodie’s paradise! #blessed #bangkok #thailand #wanderlust #fashion #foodstagram #foodporn

No es un sueño ¡mañana seré en España y eso es sólo el comienzo! Thank you so much God ♥♥♥. #blessed #wanderlust #eleutheromania #spain #bangkok (at Gate 10 - NAIA Terminal 1)

Last dinner in Pampanga for a while with Maman and Baby Brother. Missing everyone already! #foodporn #japanese #foodstagram


Toledo - Spain (by Sub Expuesto)


Michael Ball + meeting the Royal Family

Pictured are: Princess Alexandra, Prince Edward, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II


Japril alphabet
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I was wonderfully surprised when my phone buzzed this morning and I found this — words of wisdom, encouragement and good luck from one of my biggest cheerleaders. @annaaatapie, I was teary eyed when I read this. Thank you so, so much for this and for everything. I love you and I’ll miss you! ♥♥♥

Way back in February, when @maybeitspb, @steffdy and I watched Winter’s Tale, I told Pib that I wanted a canvas of it (I’m in love with anything Belle Époque/ Gilded Age) — and now it’s here for ny 22nd! When my mum and brother saw it, their yes literally turned into saucers. This picture does not do justice at all to how beautiful it is! THANK YOU SO MUCH, PIB! #art #winterstale #jbf #colinfarell #newyork #acryliconcanvas